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Feeding + Swallowing


Feeding + Swallowing


My approach is to give you the skills to make a change, the support to know what each next step is, and how to achieve it.


Breastfeeding and Bottle-feeding

Are you worried that your baby has trouble latching on, or about the functional impact of a potential tongue or lip tie?

Does your baby cough or struggle when they breast or bottle-feed?

Do you want to know more about reflux, burping, bottle and teat decisions, dummy/pacifier use, or nipple confusion - with information and evidence supported by clinical research and experience?

Weaning and Texture Progression

Are you looking for support and advice to start or troubleshoot weaning/semi-solids with your little one?

Are you wanting to discuss the pros and cons of traditional texture progression versus baby-led weaning?

Do you feel like your child should be able to eat more textured foods, to drink from a cup or a straw, to self-feed or to use cutlery by now?

Picky and Fussy Eaters

Are mealtimes a struggle for you, your child, or your family?

Do your child’s mealtimes take longer than 30 minutes?

Are you looking for help to manage mealtime behaviours?

Are you looking for a mealtime routine that will work for you and your family, in your home environment, considering your unique family needs?

Avoidant and Restricted Feeders

Are you concerned about how few foods your child accepts?

Is your child avoiding certain food colours or textures?

Have you heard of, or are you interested in learning more about the SOS Approach to Feeding, and systematic desensitisation?

Oromotor difficulties

Do you have concerns about your child’s drooling?

Does your child hold food in their mouth, or in their cheeks, for a long time?

Does your child overstuff their mouth with food?

Do you have concerns your child isn’t able to chew properly, or is more messy than usual with their chewing at mealtimes?

Are you interested in learning how to use TalkTools® products for oromotor and feeding skill development?

Swallowing Difficulties

Does your child cough, choke or struggle when eating particular foods or drinks?

Are you concerned about your child’s swallowing safety, or comfort?

Are you looking for a therapist to support your journey, and to provide specialised skills and support to you and your child’s local treating team with regards to feeding and/or swallowing?